Digital Marketing

Marketing for e-commerce is a must have in addition to strong SEO. Navigating the wide array of services, from SEM to affiliate marketing, retargeting/remarketing and cart abandonment, can be a fun experience. Keeping the costs under control is an entire “full time job”.

Netsplice measures ROI to level the playing field between all service providers, and gauge each of them according to successful transactions per channel.

Google, Bing/Yahoo! and others use the PPC model, which as the name describes, is only going to bring customers to your site, without control on purchase behavior. These companies will help you generate more clicks, usually by tweaking keywords, or by just pouring more money into their services. Costs overruns can develop quickly, either because your site ran out of items to sell while the ads are still running, the ads are not properly targeted or too vague, or competition is such that the cost per click is quite high to begin with.

Netsplice uses a mix of expertise and proprietary software to optimize your ads (PLA/SEM), monitor each ad performance against desired target, and adjust on the fly bids and availability to reduce wasteful ad spending.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to leverage others ability to expose your products to their respective audiences. Managing affiliates and weeding out less than desirable affiliates and their questionable practices is only one aspect of managing affiliate programs. The most common “bad” behavior is for an affiliate to advertise your site name (PPC), while getting a commission on transactions.

Retargeting and display ads have some benefits for customers that already visited your site, however the ROI is pretty expensive as credit is attributed on whether the ad was displayed on your customer’s device, and there is very little you can do to actually verify that ads were displayed, if no click directed the customer to your site.

By using a mix of the marketing channels above, very quickly you’ll realize that double or triple attribution is common, and can turn an eCommerce operation into a barely profitable business, if at all. Until now the options for your business were to either do the digital marketing yourself, or outsource to an agency – which gets paid for spending your money.

Netsplice provides 3 alternative solutions:

  • use or proprietary tools to submit and manage your ads, and generate performance reports based on ROI. A monthly flat fee gives you access to our dashboard, submit your feeds to the appropriate channels, and provide reports on performance and attribution.
  • A fully managed marketing solution based on pay-for-performance model: we only get paid if our ads generate a sale.
  • The full service, risk free, pay-for-performance solution. We put our money where our mouth is; we pay for all marketing expenses to maximize growth and charge only a percentage of sales made through our ads.

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