Inventory & Fulfillment

Accurate Inventory and efficient fulfillment operations are at the base of any successful online retailer.

Netsplice provides the tools and expertise to properly manage complex inventory situations, across a wide range of vendors, their available inventory, and reordering methods:

Examples of inventory availability from vendors:

  • printed catalogs and phone orders,
  • emailed orders and inventory files, or vendor portal access,
  • ftp, API or EDI Integration points.

Examples of Inventory types that may apply  to your business:

  • On hand inventory,
  • Drop-ship,
  • Cross-dock.

A “higher than wished” online order cancel rate may be caused by overselling items no longer available, or by delays during fulfillment. By minimizing the cancel rate due to inventory availability or fulfillment delays, you not only save time and money, but will increase customer satisfaction.

Using our proprietary tools and our 25+ years expertise in integrating complex inventory systems, Netsplice has the know how to get manageability back into your day to day operations. Checkout the case study and contact us today to get started.